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Special Projects

Oftentimes businesses run into situations outside of the normal routine where they need expert guidance. Whether you are on one of our regular service programs, or just in need of a CPA’s or MBA’s services, we are here to help.

Program/App Recommendations, Installations, Integrations, and Training

Most businesses perform daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks that can be automated through the use of technology. Through years of experience working with hundreds of businesses, we have taken the lead to help businesses identify areas for automation, recommend programs, guide the installation, and integrate any existing programs. Please refer to our program integrations page to see a list we specialize in.

Chart of Account Reorganization

Balance sheets and profit & loss statements can become pages long with transactions being put to wrong locations and duplicate accounts being created. Disorganized financial reports provide little to no value when running a business. It may be time to clean the Chart of Accounts (COA) and utilize other features inside your accounting software to provide the most accurate reports.

Training Your New Bookkeeper

Some businesses have an in-house bookkeeper/accountant or an employee who wears multiple hats. Many areas can be improved through video conferences or on-site training. We will provide expert CPA & MBA training to bring out the most of your in-house bookkeeper/accountant.

*All special project services are charged at a $175/hour rate.